Session 7 - March 24th

Contacting mentors


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Roey 24/3/2011
• Julie and Andy were talking about how to e-mail to the groups mentor.
• The 5th graders need to send a e-mail to their mentors and make a mentor page.
• The 5th graders also need to write their lines of inquiry.
• The question to make the lines of inquiry are: What is it like?, How does it work?, Why is it like it is?, How is it connected to other things, How is it changing?, What are the points of view?, What is our responsibility?, How do we know?.

Owen 24/3/2011

Julie and Andy talked about writing a email to are mentors to thank them for giving up their time.
Andy and Julie talked about a wiki page for the mentors.Julie and Andy were talking about not doing different bits of researching but focusing on two.
The 5th graders talked about writing lines of inquiry
The questions for the lines of inquiry are: whats its like? how does it work? why is it like it is? How is it connected to other things?