Session 4 - March 18th

SNAP Research


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By Eytan

Everyone are reading other people's issue blogs.
Andy tells everyone to read emily's issues blog.
Julie shows sofia's issue blog.
We need to discuss what are your two issues.
People are choosing issues and grouping.
Everyone are having a look at all the snap posters people made.

By Kaiya
  1. Looking at emily's blog post.
  2. Julie liked sofia's because she was very passionate.
  3. Visit the blog's over the weekend and look through for some idea's
  4. discussing what we learned from different people and their idea's.
  5. going to write down top 3 idea's
  6. think about your top 2 choices.
  7. being put into groups based on our first and second choice but we will be put into 2 groups in total for snap research.
  8. did activity.
  9. see how groups might form.
  10. we are walking around looking at different forms.



Areas of student interest (action focus areas):
  • Saving turtle habitats in Hong Kong
  • Ocean issues
  • Pink Dolphins
  • Illegal trade of animal products
  • Recycling
  • Animal fur
  • Car Pollution/Air pollution
  • Teaching ESL
  • Water system in the school
  • School garden
  • Saving Asian Kites
  • Bullying be consolidated and finalised later.


Ideas for taking action