Session 13 - April 6th

Presenting 'action' ideas


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by Stacey

Idea Circle


Bullying at HKA

Make a skit and perform at assembly to model what bullying is and how to avoid it.

Slideshow or video about bullying about how to stop it.

Broaden to other assemblies as well.

Define what bullying is.

Present why people bully. Cause/Effect.

Posters explaining what people can do if they are bullied.

Addressed by student council?

Car Pollution 3
Car Pollution

To use private transport (normal transport) for one week then public transport for one week and compare fuel usage. Compile results and email/share to HKA community. Encourage public transport use.


Don't just email. Share through presentation.

Make change ongoing.

Find tools on how to gather required data and then teach other people to do that as well.

Water Trash

Throwing trash into water harms sea creatures and environments

Beach clean up. Try to help get bins or recycling bins put on the beach.

Perhaps you could make signs about littering as well.

Whose responsibility is it to have recycling bins at the beaches.
Government. Leisure services dept.

Clean up the oceans as well as the beach.

Why do people litter in the first place?

Look at tides and how they may impact trash.

Turtle Trading

People are illegally trading turtle body parts and shells for money.

To inform people about the trading.
Make tank tops for HKA sporting teams with a turtle logo. Advertise around Asia when they are playing.
Sent a letter to AFCD. Special beach to do educational service.

The school already has a HKA logo.
What is the point of having a TShirt. Does it directly help reduce turtle trading?
Check the website Andy sent. Ideas for action.


People buy too much recyclable stuff but don't recycle them.

Recycling competition in Roey's building for one month. Posters to encourage recycling. Get recycling bins for each building. Measure how much people have recycled.


Measure how much is being recycled now and check what goes into the bins.
Who empties it? How often is it emptied? Where does it go?
What happens when the competition finishes?
How can people make money by people recycling?
Put all of the bins for each building. Label bins with building numbers. Compare buildings and how much they recycle.
Hang certificates in the lobby.
Look at who you are targeting - maids, owners? Perhaps survey why they are not recycling.
Look at lasting change.

Car Pollution 2

People who use cars and taxis with a small amount of people in them don't think about public transport.

Find public transport routes to school.
Change family habits.
Perhaps put it in the parent handbook.

How will you share the different bus routes.
Car sharing?
New people to Hong Kong. Could you make a guide?


Animals are being killed for their fur - not for warmth but for fashion.

Fake fur and real fur and see if anyone can tell the difference. Promote fake fur to save animals lives.
Adults wear more fur than children. Hand out surveys. (research)

Material shops, clothes shops and if real fur talk to the owner about the benefits of fake fur.
Think about animals that are bred for use of fur. eg. deer populations.
Fur companies, people who make and buy fur. Do they care if animals are dying?
Do you have real fur? Gwen's family has real fur, could stopping that be a form of action. Who are you showing the fur to? Who is going to be doing the comparison?
What are the alternatives to staying warm?
Are any animals bred for fur?

Car Pollution 1

People are using cars that do not have clean fuel and there are often one person only in a car.

Car pool for Exhibition night.


Exhibition has a great place to start. Can include other events particularly ones ran by parent committees eg. Barn Dance.
Share idea and template with community.


People are pouring chemicals down sinks and this is affecting oceans.
Water bottles are being thrown into oceans and contribute to a lot of trash.

Find biodegradable soaps and cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly
Design a HKA water bottle out of stainless steel instead of using plastic water bottles.

Include student names on the water bottles.
Include it in uniform shops.

Turtle Habitats

Green Sea turtle habitats are being destroyed.

Beach cleanup at turtle cove.
Ask Steven Dare to ban plastic bottles at schools. Encourage re-usable bottles.

Is there a company already trying to address this problem and can you contact them.

Teaching English

Some underprivileged Chinese children don't know how to speak English.

To go to a charity and HKASP and teach English through flash cards, games and pictures.

Can you speak Chinese to help translate?
How will you make this a long term plan?
Encourage a long term commitment between HKA and the local community. Contact CAS coordinator and see how Middle/High school could perhaps continue this.

Asian Kites

Asian Kites are losing their habitats and are dying because of constructions.

Build a small garden in the new school where the kites can nest. Start a bird watching club to see what can be done about it.

How will you approach teachers when building the new campus? Who do you need to contact?
Will the bird watching club just focus on Asian Kites?
Keep in mind the type of plants being planted.
What will you do in the meantime as the school will not be built yet.
How will the Asian Kites know you are setting up a new home for them.
Large birds living in certain habitats. Difficult to build such a large habitat within a school. Love idea of bird watching club.
Perhaps change the focus to being more bird friendly instead of just Asian Kites.