What is a scribe?

Definition: a writer or author, esp. a journalist
A scribe is someone who helps to record the events of the exhibition. The word scribe usually means someone who writes, but we will be using many different tools to help us record the exhibition.

Why a scribe?

Scribes will help us record the exhibition. Often we need a record of events that have happened and to be able to track the development of ideas. If one person records a class activity and shares it with the rest of the class, then everyone can save time by using what the scribe wrote. This also becomes a record that we can revisit at anytime.

When can I be a scribe?

Group scribe

Each group needs to nominate one or two group members to be the scribes. Their job will be to help record everything that happens and also maintain the group exhibition wiki. They will record events into text edit, their blogs and use other tools. It is important to note that this doesn't mean they do the work for the group, but rather record what the group decides and creates.

Class scribe

There will also be opportunities during sessions led by the teachers where students will be asked to volunteer to scribe. Further details will be given out during each assignment.

What tools can I use?

There are many tools that you can use, but one of the main tools is the written word and typing. We will also be recording events using ipods, Macbooks, video cameras and sound recording equipment.

How can I improve my scribe skills?

One of the main skills you need to focus on is your typing skill. You can use these websites to help you improve your typing ability. You can also visit the student technology wiki to help you improve your wiki and weebly skills.


It is your responsibility as a scribe to make sure that your page is edited. You can ask someone to help you and use a dictionary. If you have taken notes it does not need to be complete sentences, but you should attempt to spell most words correctly. You should edit after you have taken your notes, not during as this will slow you down and you may miss some information.

Scribes at work!